Motivational Interviewing Skills 22/23

Date & Time:

Wednesday 23 November 2022 (09:30 - 16:30)




Target Group

This course is targeted to social care and health professionals in adults and children’s social care in the London Borough of Sutton. 


The main aims of this course are to help participants establish and develop the skills needed to facilitate and encourage change when working with complex behaviours based on statutory requirements, and covers:

• The key theory, principles and philosophy underpinning a motivational approach.
• The relationship between legislation, capacity, choice and motivation.
• The impact of values and beliefs on behaviour choices and changes.
• What is meant by ambivalence and how to work with it.
• The communication techniques aimed at eliciting behaviour change.
• Barriers to communication and relationship building, and strategies that can help to overcome them.
• Strategies for managing non-engagement with reluctant service users or family members.

Learning Objectives 

After the completion of this session participants will have:
• Developed an understanding of the purpose and principles of motivational interviewing to maximise positive changes.
• An improved understanding of the principles of service user choice, empowerment, safeguarding, capacity and right under the legal frameworks in children and adult social care.
• Developed an understanding of the stages of change model and how this can guide intervention selection.
• Developed an understanding about how to effectively apply motivational interviewing including rolling with resistance, helping clients explore and resolve ambivalence
• Developed an understanding about the tools for change such as scaling and decisional balance to maximise commitment to change, and setting SMART goals to support recovery outcomes.
• Improved skills to actively encourage service users to utilise their own strengths, those of their networks and services to meet their own needs.
• Improved skills to manage non-engagement and enable this to be a conscious choice and the documentation required in this respect.
• Improved skills to ensure service users are supported to know how to re-engage or access services if they wish and that barriers are removed; and ensure that individuals fully understand the implications of their decisions.

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