Working with Perpetrators of Domestic Abuse and Violence 22/23

Date & Time:

Friday 9 December 2022 (10:00 - 13:00)


Sutton Civic Offices, G1A & G1B, St Nicholas Way, Sutton, SM1 1EA



This course is targeted to Adult Social Care staff within the London Borough of Sutton and Private, Independent and Voluntary (PVI) sector supporting Sutton residents in residential care, nursing care, home care, Personal Assistants, and supported living.

This training is also targeted at professionals in direct contact with children who undertake or contribute to risk assessments and multi-agency meetings including social workers, family support workers, foster carers, health professionals, schools, police and others who work with children at risk of abuse, neglect and exploitation. 


Group Level 2 (regular contact with children, young people and/or parent/carer) or Level 3 (predominantly working with children) or above (including strategic leads), and NHS Inter-Collegiate Standards 2 and above for health professionals. 

Staff Groups A, B, C and D as per Bournemouth University National Competency Framework for Safeguarding Adults. 

Level 1, Level 2 staff and above (ref: NHS Intercollegiate document 2018 - Adult Safeguarding: Roles and Competencies For Healthcare Staff)

This event is to highlight the importance of including perpetrators in domestic abuse assessments.
To encourage greater consideration of assessing risk factors associated with perpetrators within assessments and planning whereby risk assessments and planning for intervention will be improved.


 By attending this session, participants will have :

• Developed understanding of the risk indicators relating to perpetrators of domestic abuse. 

• A clearer understanding of the importance to consider and include perpetrators of domestic abuse fully within their assessments. 

• Be able to consider the risks of perpetrators even when there is no engagement or they are absent.

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Phillip Price & Lauren Charles-Spenceley

Venue Details:

Sutton Civic Offices, G1A & G1B, St Nicholas Way, Sutton, SM1 1EA

(020 8770 5000)