Professional boundaries 22/23

Date & Time:

Monday 5 December 2022 (13:30 - 16:30)




Target Group:

This course is targeted to adults social care staff and those in residential care, nursing care, home care and supported living settings, personal assistants and other frontline practitioners who have regular contact with service users/patients and their families or carers in the London Borough of Sutton. 

Staff Groups B, C and D as per Bournemouth University national Competency framework for Safeguarding Adults. 
Level 2 staff and above (ref: NHS Intercollegiate document 2018 - Adult Safeguarding: Roles and Competencies For Healthcare Staff): All practitioners who have regular contact with patients, their families or carers, or the public.

Course Overview:

This course aims to help participants understand the boundaries between good and poor practice in health and social care work. The exact content will be fully agreed in advance and will be linked to appropriate company policies.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the session participants will:

  • Be able to distinguish between being friendly towards a service user and being a friend 
  • Have demonstrated their knowledge of the professional boundaries policy through practical scenarios 
  • Be able to identify risks of boundary violation and explain the reasons why 
  • Be able to identify situations where offering advice is appropriate, and the ways in which to do this 
  • Understand the relevance of legislation, for example the Mental Capacity Act, to their own work situations 
  • Have discussed the link between company policies and professional boundaries 
  • Have demonstrated how to apply professional boundaries practice in an assertive way 
  • Have explored a range of their own situations 

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