Unconscious Bias - Virtual

Date & Time:

Wednesday 8 September 2021 (10:00 - 13:00)

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Target Group

All staff in adults and children social care and foster carers.


This half-day session is not intended as a lesson on equality and diversity, but rather
an opportunity to identify and critically reflect on our own bias and explore how these
can impact upon social care practice. Values and ethics are the underpinning ethos of the session, with the aim being to
ask, and answer, some searching questions about how we each are part of, and
influencers in, the systems in which we live and work and how our own (and others)
unconscious biases can determine how we each respond to the situations we
encounter in our social care professional roles.

Learning Objectives 

As a result of taking part in this session participants will: 

• Have a greater awareness of their own biases and an openness to
professional challenge of these in practice.
• The opportunity to critically reflect and identify own and group biases and
consider how these impact on practice.
• To examine how workforce/service/team/group biases impact on the
accessibility and experience of individuals and their help-seeking behaviour.

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Karen Budd

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