Motivational Interviewing

Date & Time:

Monday 14 January 2019 (9:30 - 16:30)

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Sutton Civic Offices, G5, St Nicholas Way, Sutton, SM1 1EA


Target Group / Level

All permanent staff within the following Adults Social Care teams; Sutton & Cheam Locality, Carshalton Locality, Wallington Locality, Learning Disabilities, CWD Transitions, Hospital Pathway, Admiral Nurses, Health & Social Care, Sutton Inclusion Team, START team

Course Overview

This one-day motivational interviewing course supports Social Workers and Social Care staff to be able to engage reluctant service users or family members in services by using communication techniques aimed at eliciting behaviour change by helping clients to explore and resolve ambivalence.

Service users will be actively encouraged to utilise their own strengths, those of their networks and services to meet their own needs, this technique can also be used with parents and carers of children or vulnerable adults.

The central theme of this technique is the examination and resolution of ambivalence is its and the worker is intentionally directive in pursuing this goal, it assists individuals to be able to overcome barriers and solidify their own strngths, motivations and abilities to change. Motivational Interviewing has proved to be highly effective in working with a range of issues related to life change and building a working relationship between professionals and service users. Where Service Users do not engage workers will learn the skills to enable this to be a conscious choice where service users are capacious, and for this to be recorded accordingly. Staff will be able to ensure Service Users are supported to know how to re-engage or access services if they wish and that barriers are removed. Staff will also ensure that individuals fully understand the implications of their decisions.

Learning Objectives

This course will provide participants with the following learning outcomes –

  • An understanding of the principles of service user choice, empowerment, safeguarding, capacity and right to make unwise decisions within the MHA (1983) MCA (2005) and Care Act (2014)
  •  Stages of change model and how this can guide intervention selection.
  • The key theory, principles and philosophy underpinning a motivational approach.
  • An understanding of the impact of values/ beliefs on behaviour choices and changes.
  • What is meant by ambivalence and how to approach it to support self-efficacy.
  • Setting personalised and SMART goals to support recovery outcomes.
  • An understanding of the barriers to communication and relationship building, and strategies that can help to overcome them.
  • The micro-skills needed to effectively apply motivational interviewing.
  • An understanding of how to apply the tools for change such as working with scales and decisional balancing can be used to maximise commitment to change.
  • An understanding of how to ‘roll with resistance’ to avoid entrenching behaviours.
Sector LimitAvailable
Education - Cognus0
Education - Early Years0
Education - Other0
Education - Schools/Colleges0
Foster Carer0
LBS Adults/Childrens - All Age DisabilitesNo Limit
LBS OtherNo Limit
LBS People Adults - Admiral NursesNo Limit
LBS People Adults - Carshalton LocalityNo Limit
LBS People Adults - Clinical HealthNo Limit
LBS People Adults - Heads of ServiceNo Limit
LBS People Adults - Hospital PathwayNo Limit
LBS People Adults - Learning DisabilitiesNo Limit
LBS People Adults - OtherNo Limit
LBS People Adults - STARTNo Limit
LBS People Adults - Sutton and Cheam LocalityNo Limit
LBS People Adults - TransitionsNo Limit
LBS People Adults - Wallington LocalityNo Limit
LBS People Children's - Adoption and Permanence0
LBS People Children's - Blue Locality0
LBS People Children's - Children with DisabilitiesNo Limit
LBS People Children's - Court0
LBS People Children's - Director / Assistant DirectorNo Limit
LBS People Children's - Early Help0
LBS People Children's - Fostering0
LBS People Children's - Green Locality0
LBS People Children's - Heads of ServiceNo Limit
LBS People Children's - Integrated Childrens ServicesNo Limit
LBS People Children's - Leaving Care Team0
LBS People Children's - Looked After Children0
LBS People Children's - MASH0
LBS People Children's - Other0
LBS People Children's - Placements0
LBS People Children's - QA0
LBS People Children's - RAS0
LBS People Children's - Red Locality0
LBS People Children's - Sutton Inclusion & SupportNo Limit
LBS People Children's - Targeted Youth Support0
LBS People Children's - Youth Offending Team0
NHS - Clinical Commissioning GroupNo Limit
NHS - Community Services0
NHS - Hospital0
NHS - Other0
Private - Domiciliary Care0
Private - Nursing Home0
Private - Other0
Private - Residential Home0
Sutton Housing Partnership0


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Daisy Bogg Consultancy

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Sutton Civic Offices, G5, St Nicholas Way, Sutton, SM1 1EA

(020 8770 5000)