Multi-agency Perinatal and Infant Mental Health (PIMH) Training for Practitioners - 2021/2022

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Monday 6 December 2021 (09:15 - 14:30)

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Sutton Civic Offices, G1A, St Nicholas Way, Sutton, SM1 1EA



This training is targeted to social workers, family support workers, adolescent and adult health and social care practitioners, health professionals from a broad range of universal and specialist backgrounds, child care, early years, schools and education providers, volunteers and those in the private and independent sector.

The training is designed to meet the competency requirements at Group Level 2 (regular contact with children, young people and/or parent/carer) or Level 3 (predominately working with children) or above (including strategic leads) as set out in the Safeguarding Competency framework in London Safeguarding Child Procedures. NHS Inter-Collegiate guidance for health professionals.


The aim of this course is to provide practitioners with the knowledge, skills and abilities:

- To recognise the most common perinatal mental disorders (CPMDs) including anxiety and depression and the care pathways to support for the mother and child.
- To identify and respond to early help or safeguarding concerns that relate to mental health during pregnancy and after giving birth.
- To apply best practice approaches to assess, refer and manage CPMDs as effectively as possible.
- To understand the impact of perinatal and infant mental health and how it can affect the child across the life course
- To recognise the stigma associated with mental health, how it differs within the local community and the barriers to access support for the mother and child

The training is designed to provide a mix of knowledge based content and inter-active exercises which includes discussing scenarios to understand the range of interventions and help available (locally and nationally) and know when and how to access these most effectively.


By attending this course, participants will:
• Be able to apply the concept of perinatal and infant mental health (PIMH) within their own area of practice
• Have improved knowledge about the most common clinical features and impact of perinatal mental health illness, based on recent research, to aid early recognition and help.
• Have an improved knowledge and understanding about the importance of the parent–infant relationship and how parental mental illness can affect the child across the life course
• Have increased knowledge and skills to support parental behaviours that will help infants to develop secure attachment patterns.
• Improved their understanding about the impact of stigma for the individual in relation to perinatal and infant mental health, including the specific issues relating to diverse ethnical, cultural, and religious backgrounds within the wider community.
• Have an increased understanding of fathers and perinatal mental health.
• Have increased knowledge and understanding about the risks associated with perinatal mental illness related to suicide and safeguarding
• Have improved knowledge of local referral and care pathways and how to access support services as set out in the multi-agency PIMH Protocol
• Have learnt about the Sutton PIMH Early Help Network and how this works to develop services and collaborative working in Sutton.


There is an expectation that practitioners would have read and familiarised themselves with the multi-agency PIMH protocol before attending this course

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Jane Dagnell

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Sutton Civic Offices, G1A, St Nicholas Way, Sutton, SM1 1EA

(020 8770 5000)