SSAB Annual Conference

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Tuesday 16 November 2021 (14:00 - 16:00)





Preventing abuse and neglect of adults at risk- making every contact count! - WORKSHOP Making every contact count from a safeguarding perspective. Looking at how to get information as sometimes practitioners only have a small window of opportunity. From a preventative point of view, what can you do to prevent a safeguarding from occurring? How can we involve family, Advocacy and consider the making safeguarding principles from the onset?

Facilitators - Debbie Brough (Head of Safeguarding) and Vanitha Chandran (Deputy Head of Safeguarding)

DBS – Making a Barring Referral to the DBS This 30-minute presentation will cover how and when a DBS Barring referral should be made, including when the legal duty is met and what makes a good quality referral.

Facilitator - Kiran Rehal - Disclosure and Barring Service



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