Moving and Handling People - Practical Induction (full day)

Date & Time:

Monday 4 November 2019 (9:30 - 16:30)

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Sutton Inclusion Centre, Sutton Inclusion Centre Northspur Road Sutton - Please note no parking allowed on site -


Target Group / Level

London Borough of Sutton Staff within the START Team, Occupational Therapy Team, and commissioned providers within Nursing, Residential and Day Care Services, including Home Carers. Places will be offered to those in the PVI Sector that meet the required criteria when places are not taken up by LBS staff. 

Only those who are significantly actively involved in Moving and Handling adults should apply for this course. 

Course Overview

Staff will be able to carry out a basic manual handling assessment, choose from a range of handling techniques and equipment and demonstrate a selection of manoeuvres accepted as current practice to assist a person to move in a safe manner.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the session, delegates will have updated their knowledge on how they will: 
• The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 directly affects them at work. 
• Demonstrate the application of safer handling principles which reduce risk to a minimum when handling people in common situations given to them by the trainer 
• Recognise and discuss common hazards at work, identify high risk activities and state why and when handlers may be at risk of an injury and when they must report a problem. They will be able to state a number of steps to take towards minimizing the risks. They will be able to quote the four areas of an ergonomic assessment. 
• Apply the concepts of risk assessment to a handling task given to them by the trainer and be able to use the information it provides and state the irrelevance and importance of reading and writing clear and accurate documentation as required in the current legislation. 
• Demonstrate with confidence the use of a range of handling equipment available through outlets and the ICES service and state the criteria for us and potential risks involved when using such handling equipment. This includes equipment which can encourage the independence of the service user. They must identify their limitation in skill and state where they can seek further advice and support. 
• State where to go for more help and information within the Borough and external to the Borough when needing further expertise. 
• State which handling techniques are not acceptable by national manual handling guidelines and explain their reasoning. 
• Know the purpose and general principles of safe hoisting and discuss the potential dangers of hoisting. Demonstrate and experience as a group safe use of a mobile sling lifting hoist and general purpose sling. 
• Discuss how a range of common medical conditions may affect how a person can be moved and how the attitudes and feelings of clients can also affect the handling task 

• This course is unsuitable for staff who have significant musculoskeletal disorders which would limit their practical participation. 
• All staff must arrive on time, be able to complete the day and come dressed appropriately for a practical moving and handling course. This includes wearing stable footwear and clothes which allow them to participate both as a handler and as a model in the session. 
• This course is unsuitable for staff who work solely in areas where the clients are fully ambulant and require no significant assistance with their transfers. 
• PVI staff will be asked to complete a Moving & Handling Pre Course Checklist Form before places are confirmed to ensure that applicants meet the required criteria. 

Additional Note:

No parking is allowed within the Sutton Inclusion Centre grounds. Please allow for additional time to park within roads nearby.


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Sally Cassar

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Sutton Inclusion Centre, Sutton Inclusion Centre Northspur Road Sutton - Please note no parking allowed on site -

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