Child Development Training for Foster Carers

Date & Time:

Tuesday 10 September 2019 (09:30 - 12:30)

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Sutton Civic Offices, G3, St Nicholas Way, Sutton, SM1 1EA



All Foster Carers




This course explores the physical, emotional, social and cognitive development of children and young people who are Looked After and how they may be affected by their experiences of neglect and abuse. It provides practical examples of how foster carers can support a child’s development to improve their outcomes as they grow and develop.  



  • Understand how children and young people’s development can be affected by events in their lives, including brain development when a child has been exposed to neglect and abuse.
  • Be able to recognise what ‘normal’ development can be expected and how to recognise development which is unusual, including disabled children and related groups of children. 
  • To understand loss and separation and the effect on healthy child development.
  • Be able to develop positive strategies to help meet the needs of children whose development has been affected.

Identify sources of help and support in caring for children and young people whose development has been affected.


10th September 2019, Civic Offices, G3


Care Quality Training

Places Available:

Sector LimitAvailable
AdopterNo Limit
Education - Cognus0
Education - Early Years0
Education - Other0
Education - Schools/Colleges0
Foster CarerNo Limit
LBS Adults/Childrens - All Age Disabilites0
LBS Other0
LBS People Adults - Admiral Nurses0
LBS People Adults - Carshalton Locality0
LBS People Adults - Clinical Health0
LBS People Adults - Heads of Service0
LBS People Adults - Hospital Pathway0
LBS People Adults - Learning Disabilities0
LBS People Adults - Other0
LBS People Adults - START0
LBS People Adults - Sutton and Cheam Locality0
LBS People Adults - Transitions0
LBS People Adults - Wallington Locality0
LBS People Children's - Adoption and Permanence0
LBS People Children's - Blue Locality0
LBS People Children's - Children with Disabilities0
LBS People Children's - Court0
LBS People Children's - Director / Assistant Director0
LBS People Children's - Early Help0
LBS People Children's - Fostering0
LBS People Children's - Green Locality0
LBS People Children's - Heads of Service0
LBS People Children's - Integrated Childrens Services0
LBS People Children's - Leaving Care Team0
LBS People Children's - Looked After Children0
LBS People Children's - MASH0
LBS People Children's - Other0
LBS People Children's - Placements0
LBS People Children's - QA0
LBS People Children's - RAS0
LBS People Children's - Red Locality0
LBS People Children's - Sutton Inclusion & Support0
LBS People Children's - Targeted Youth Support0
LBS People Children's - Youth Offending Team0
NHS - Clinical Commissioning Group0
NHS - Community Services0
NHS - Hospital0
NHS - Other0
OtherNo Limit
Private - Domiciliary Care0
Private - Nursing Home0
Private - Other0
Private - Residential Home0
Sutton Housing Partnership0


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Care Quality Training

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Sutton Civic Offices, G3, St Nicholas Way, Sutton, SM1 1EA

(020 8770 5000)